Copies of Instructions to N.P.F. by the Prime Minister Muldoon.

Roger James Tindall made this Official Information request to Department of Internal Affairs

Department of Internal Affairs did not have the information requested.

From: Roger James Tindall

Dear Department of Internal Affairs,
The 1974 Superannuation Scheme Act was discontinued on 15th. December 1975.
The N.P.F fund acted contrary to the relevant Act and its intent by not returning to me the total company contributions.
I was advised at the time that this was due to instructions quote.
" We have had instructions from a higher authority not to go down the road selling buildings to pay out the likes of you, and to only pay out the 1%".
In reply I asked if " Am I the victim of the New Zealand clobbering machine'.
Response " You've got it in one". and there the matter rested.( This exchange is remembered virtually word for word)
I am requesting all copies to and from the National Provident Fund/ Prime Minister in this regard.

Yours faithfully,

Roger James Tindall

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From: OIA
Department of Internal Affairs

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Dear Mr Tindall,


Given that your request lies more with the National Provident Fund, we
have transferred your request to them.

They should be in touch with you soon.


Best regards,




Simon Catterall | Support Officer, Governance | Governance, Risk &
Assurance  | Strategy & Governance 
The Department of Internal Affairs Te Tari Taiwhenua   
Direct Dial: +64 4 495 6000 | Extn: 5100

Email: [1][email address]
46 Waring Taylor St | PO Box 805, Wellington 6140, New Zealand |



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From: Philippa Drury

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Dear Mr Tindall


We refer to your email of 27 April 2015 (copy attached).


We have reviewed the records we hold (both electronic records and old
microfiche records)and do not have an active or exited record in the name
of Roger James Tindall.


By way of background, NPF has two types of schemes – defined contribution
schemes and defined benefit schemes.


If you were a member of one of the  NPF employer defined contribution
schemes,  then on withdrawal you would have been paid all of your own and
your employer’s compulsory contributions, plus interest on these


If you were a member of the Local Authority Standard Scheme, which was a
defined benefit scheme, then on withdrawal you would have been paid all of
his own contributions plus 1% of your gross taxable earnings for the
period 1 April 1975 to 15 December 1975.  Member entitlements on
withdrawal are set out in the trust deed for the scheme.  This is the
governing document that determines the entitlements members receive.


We note section E of the NPF DBP Contributors Scheme trust deed (of which
the Local Authority Standard Scheme is now a part) defines refundable
contributions as:


“Refundable Contributions” means in respect of a Contributor’s


(a) those contributions paid to this Section D by a Contributor under

clause D11; plus


(b) those contributions, if any, paid to this Section D by a Contributor

clause D7, clause D8, clause D12, clause D13, clause D14,

clause D15, or clause D19; plus


(c) in respect of Actual Contributory Service for the period or any part
of the

period between 1 April 1975 and 15 December 1975 there shall be included

an amount of 1 per cent of the employee’s gross taxable earnings in lieu

the employer’s contributions for that period or part thereof:


PROVIDED THAT “Refundable Contributions” shall not include any interest

paid or payable in respect of the aforesaid contributions;


The circumstances described in your email suggest you might have been a
member of the Local Authority Standard Scheme.


We trust this answers your query.  If you have any further questions
regarding this matter please come back to me.


Yours sincerely

Philippa Drury


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Oliver Lineham left an annotation ()

Hi Roger, I have added NPF as a requestable authority on FYI in case you need to make new OIA requests to them:

Note that requests about your own personal information is not an OIA request but a Privacy Act request - you should make that sort of request privately instead of through

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From: Philippa Drury

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