Transcription of judicial decisions

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From: Anatoly Kern

Dear Ministry of Justice,

I am interested in obtaining the information related to transcription of judicial decisions.

1. To the best of my knowledge the transcription process has been outsourced previously to third-party company, but later on moved in house.
May I kindly request the documents related to that decision. (background reasons, correspondence and motives for such move)

2. Please provide any documents or staff instructions, governing the process of transcription of judicial decisions.
Specifically I am interested in finding out definitions of the time allocated for transcriptions and situations where such transcriptions could be missed from action.

3. I am also looking for any current archiving policies in regards of original audio records of already transcribed decisions.
e.g. for how long do they stored, on what media and etc.

4. Related to above I am very interested in finding out what are the security measures, procedures put in place to prevent the staff from changing the wording of the original judicial decision to the point of completely different meaning.
That is especially relevant keeping in mind current Court practice/attitude towards having independent audio recordings of the hearings from the counsels/parties sides.

Yours faithfully,
Anatoly Kern

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