Request for all comms between Minster of Police and Police commisioner

Do Kyun Kim made this Official Information request to Mark Mitchell

The request was successful.

From: Do Kyun Kim

Dear Mark Mitchell,

Can I please obtain all comms between Minister of Police and Police commissioner between 1 Nov 2023 to 8 February 2024.

This should be the same content which NZ Herald received and based their article on page A3, dated 9 February 2024.

Happy for it to be redacted of any sensitive information however, the content should not be any less than what NZ Herald received.

Yours faithfully,

Do Kim

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From: Mark Mitchell (MIN)
Mark Mitchell

Thank you for contacting the Hon Mark Mitchell, Minister for Police,
Corrections, Emergency Management and Recovery and MP for
Whangaparâoa.  The Minister considers all correspondence important and
appreciates you taking the time to write. 

Please note that as Minister Mitchell receives a large amount of
correspondence it is not always possible to personally reply to all
emails.  This email is an acknowledgement of your correspondence.

The following guidelines apply:

 1. Portfolio related correspondence will be considered and responded to
where appropriate.
 2. Invitations and requests to meet with the Minister will be processed
as soon as possible and a staff member will be in contact with you in
due course.  It has been noted that your invitation/request has been
 3. Media queries will be responded to by a staff member.
 4. Requests for official information will be managed in accordance with
the provisions of the Official Information Act 1982, which may include
transfer to a more relevant Minister or agency.
 5. If your email falls outside of the Minister’s portfolio
responsibilities, expresses a personal view, or is copied to multiple
Members of Parliament, then your opinion will be noted and your
correspondence may be transferred to another office, or there may be
no further response to you.
 6. If your correspondence is to the Minister as an MP for Whangaparaoa,
this will be referred to his electorate office.


Thank you again for taking the time to write.


Kind regards,

Office of Hon Mark Mitchell


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From: Mark Mitchell (MIN)
Mark Mitchell

Tēnā koe

On behalf of Minister Mitchell, thank you for your OIA request. A response will be provided to you as per the requirements of the Official Information Act.

Nāku noa, nā

Office of Hon Mark Mitchell
Minister of Corrections
Minister of Police
Minister of Emergency Management and Recovery

Parliamentary Service Te Ratonga Whare Pāremata
Private Bag 18041, Wellington 6160, New Zealand

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From: Mark Mitchell (MIN)
Mark Mitchell

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Tçnâ koe


Please find attached the response to your OIA request.


Nâku noa, nâ



Office of Hon Mark Mitchell

Minister of Police

Minister of Corrections

Minister for Emergency Management and Recovery

MP for Whangaparaoa

Website: [1]www.Beehive,

Private Bag 18041, Parliament Buildings, Wellington 6160, New Zealand

Authorised by Hon Mark Mitchell, Parliament Buildings, Wellington

Disclaimer: The information in this email (including attachments) is
confidential and may be legally privileged. If an addressing or
transmission error has misdirected this email, please notify the author by
replying to this email and destroy the message. If you are not the
intended recipient, any use, disclosure, copying or distribution is
prohibited and may be unlawful.

Please note information about meetings related to the Ministers’
portfolios will be proactively released (this does not include personal or
constituency matters). For each meeting in scope, the summary would list:
date, time (start and finish), brief description, location, who the
meeting was with, and the portfolio. If you attend a meeting with the
Minister on behalf of an organisation, the name of the organisation will
be released. If you are a senior staff member at an organisation, or meet
with the Minister in your personal capacity, your name may also be
released. The location of the meeting will be released, unless it is a
private residence. The proactive release will be consistent with the
provisions in the Official Information Act, including privacy
considerations. Under the Privacy Act 1993 you have the right to ask for a
copy of any personal information we hold about you, and to ask for it to
be corrected if you think it is wrong. If you’d like to ask for a copy of
your information, or to have it corrected, or are concerned about the
release of your information in the meeting disclosure, please contact the
sender. You can read more about the proactive release policy at




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