Parole hearing summaries and decisions

BAO made this Official Information request to New Zealand Parole Board

The request was partially successful.

From: BAO

Dear New Zealand Parole Board,

May I please request all the parole hearing summaries relating to that of Mr George Charlie Baker (11/4/81) from the year 2000 through to 2007.

Further, can you please outline the procedure and protocol that is followed when making the decision to release prisoners on parole.
Who makes this decision, what is their job role, and on what basis is parole granted?
How are the prisoners supported upon their release?
Do prisoners that re offender while on parole get another chance at parole?
Who has the last say, and finalises the granting of parole?
And lastly, can you please confirm whether the process of considering/granting parole is any different for prisoners with a psychological/violent history - Please explain

Thank you for your time in this matter

Yours faithfully,

B.A Ott

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From: TE NANA, Kerry (WELLHO)

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