Sale of Ruapehu District Council public land at Teitei Drive - clarifications required

Hamish Carnachan made this Official Information request to Ruapehu District Council

Response to this request is long overdue. By law Ruapehu District Council should have responded by now (details and exceptions). The requester can complain to the Ombudsman.

From: Hamish Carnachan

Ruapehu District Council,

Regarding your response of September 21, 2023, to my questions.

On review I consider that there needs to be clarification of some of the answers. I therefore ask:

1. I am aware that the date on the agreement to sell Teitei land is April 5, 2023. What date did RDC CE Clive Manley sign the agreement. I note you also answered under 6 that it was April 5, 2023, but other OIA responses indicate this is not correct. Do you wish to review your answer?
2. You refer to the agreement being signed under delegated authority. Please provide details of the delegation – was it by resolution or was it based upon the CE’s general delegations set out in the delegations list? If the former, please provide a copy of the resolution and date made. If the later, please provide detail as to where the delegation is that allows a CE to sell land.
3. In answer under 4, final paragraph, you state: “Council is not required to consult on every sale of land – it falls under the general portfolio of Community Property.” There is also the policy regarding consultation. Please provide a copy of the analysis as to consultation that was specifically made with respect to the Teitei land.
4. In answer under 5, you refer to a funding agreement. What funding agreement was the Council a party to that was “finalised”?
5. Given Council received $300,000 to cover consultants costs, please advise the costs covered and whether there were costs that the Council has incurred above the $300,000 received.

Hamish Carnachan

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