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Paula Dever made this Official Information request to Ministry of Justice

The request was partially successful.

From: Paula Dever

Dear Ministry of Justice,

Am grateful to be able connect with you here.
Judicial platform (known as any other name) is an integral service, established in the best interest of welfare (well-fair), providing sensible guideline to ensure a national population achieves a comfortable ‘life experience’ in respect to the life experience itself.
Judicial ‘language’ should never encourage ‘argument’ and must appreciate whilst a measure maybe useful in construction accuracy, ‘terminology of industry’ is understood only by those whom have received lesson in such learning. Judicial rule is ‘common rule’ therefore common language in judicial proceeding and judicial recording is only fair, in effort to avoid confusion or misunderstanding with any rule.
Judicial Rule must be easy to access, with display of official version only.
Judicial Rule must always be free from ‘exemption’, in support of ‘leading by example’. A fine example, in reference to positive impression is most successful without exemption.
To ensure integrity of such integral population support service, Judicial process must operate free from financial goal, to ensure focus is on ‘support’ and improving ‘welfare’.

Upon observing current Judicial service and Judicial filing here in New Zealand, we find urgent need to request ‘Official Version’ of all active Legislation, Rules, Acts and Enactments.

I, God, with birth name Paula Dever, request ‘Official Version’ of ALL active NZ Judicial Rule, Legislation, Act, Enactment.

I, God, with birth name Paula Dever, recommend ‘Offical Version’ only be on display supporting solution/resolution and ease of sourcing/learning /awareness/population interaction and sensible contribution to NZ Judicial rule, Legislation, Act, Enactment.

I, God, with birth name Paula Dever trust ‘Official Version’ will be delivered in timely manner as judicial proceedings may only proceed in manner of ‘fair ruling’ when fair and ‘Official’ disclosure of such rule is presented.

Life is a temporary experience within a skin. Sometimes active behaviours; wether in service, in the home, or in recreation require intervention with intention of positive change, commonly referred to as healthy evolution.

With Love,
Paula Dever (also known as God)

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Ministry of Justice

Kia ora,

Thank you for contacting the Official Information Act request mailbox for
the Ministry of Justice. 

We will endeavour to acknowledge your email within 2 working days.

You can find more information about how we can help you at our [1]Official
Information Act Requests page.

Please note that by law, when you ask for official information we have to
respond to your request as soon as reasonably practicable and no later
than 20 working days after we receive it.


The Ministry of Justice may publish the response to your request on our
website, you can expect that if your OIA is to be published that this will
take place at least 10 working days after it has been sent you. Your name
and any other personal information will be withheld under Section 9(2)(a)
(protect the privacy of natural persons).


Please send any non-OIA related emails through to
o[2][email address] and any complaints through
to [3][email address]

Ngā mihi,

Ministerial Relations and Services

Governance and Assurance

DDI: +64 4 918 8800

Justice Centre I Aitken Street

DX Box SX 10088 I Wellington



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2. mailto:[email address]
mailto:[email address]
3. mailto:[email address]
mailto:[email address]

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From: Media
Ministry of Justice

Kia ora Paula


Thank you for your email of 25 June 2023 to the Ministry of Justice (the
Ministry) requesting, under the Official Information Act 1982 (the Act),
copies of legislation and judicial decisions.  Your request is outlined
below (our ref: OIA 105519)


Copies of all New Zealand laws and regulations are available at:
[1]  Therefore, this part of your request is
refused under section 18(d) of the Acton the grounds that the information
is publicly available.


Turning to your request for judicial decisions, I must advise that the
courts are not subject to the Act under section 2(6)(a).  This is because
the courts are a separate and independent arm of government from the
executive (Ministers and government agencies).   Therefore, this part of
your request is refused under section 18(g) on the grounds that the
information sought is not held by the Ministry nor any other agency
subject to the Act.


However, the courts publish many decisions and they can be found at: 


If you are after a specific judgment that is not available online, you
need to request it from the court directly under the appropriate
legislation and court rules.  The form to do so is available at:
A decision on any request will be made by a registrar or judge and there
may be a fee.  The contact details for all courts are available at:


You have the right under section 28 of the Act to seek a review of my
decisions in responding to your request from the Ombudsman, who may be
contacted at: [5]


Nga mihi


Antony Paltridge

Team Leader, Ministerial Relations and Services Ministry of Justice



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George Russell left an annotation ()

The MoJ staff member who dealt with this request has the patience of a saint.

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Paula Dever left an annotation ()

Observing the ‘annotation’ platform here, and new to interaction with this service of official information request, (included in the great observation of ‘human services’ active here in this reality), in response to the annotation communication observed today, 28 June, from online identification ‘George Russell’, whose word combination appears in support of compliment, toward the Ministry of Justice service employee whom according to George, “has the patience of a saint”, I, God as Paula Dever respond in curiosity if you will, and request elaboration on such annotation, please, George Russell, elaborate on your annotation and position here. Thank you.
You may like to know, the response from MOJ upon the OIA request, was a response with misunderstanding as to my request, causing an extension of the initial request to continue, with any any reference to ‘rule’ in our initial request, now deemed ‘legislation’. Am request copies of ‘Official Version’ of Legislation. And looking forward to receiving these imperative documents, which should be easily retrievable in an official service.
Thank you

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PeePee PooPoo left an annotation ()


All electronic versions of legislation on are considered to be the "official version" as per s 78 of the Legislation Act 2019.

You may also be interested in "Green Assents". These are copies of Acts which have been stamped and signed by the Clerk of the House of Representatives. It's printed on green colour paper and serves as an official and authoritative version of the enacted legislation. You can find them in various libraries across the country, and you can probably also email the Clerk and ask for a copy.

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Paula Dever left an annotation ()

Thank you, Pee Pee Poo Poo and the MoJ team. No response necessary.
Believe it or not, you are all one family and I am God… not religious. The introduction is not privy to this communication, it is something we The Creators have been sharing for more than three years now, through the mediums we've been able to access, in effort to reach those active in the human experience. Social media and face to face and a lot occurring behind he scenes.
Rather than inspire automatic negative response, we hope you become awoken with our communication here in a positive way as an opportunity to hear or read, is an opportunity to learn and therefore enhance contribution from there...and with Legislation referencing ‘Alien’ there is endorsed insight to there being more to this reality, than how many exist today.

A reality is a carefully crafted place, away from home, with operating system being that of the foundation (the planet) and connection options which are the mobile species. There is also supporting food source, referred to as organic today, with root system designed to channel the planets energy and store the planets energy in the module of the fruit and vegetable, transferring the planets energy to the consumer... an active regenerative fuel (food) source supporting healthy existence...The connection options (mobile species) are the Cat, Dog, Human, Cow, Butterfly, Bee, Fly, (and more) specifically designed vehicles which allow the drivers (the light beings- you) a 'life experience' within a reality, within a skin. The experience, temporary as it is, starts at the arrival referred to as birth, and at the event referred to as passing on (also known as death) the vehicle (connection option) deactivates and releases the ‘light being’ the driver, from the connection experience within the reality. You are all beings of light, light energy beings and members of the largest family in the universe, The Light Family. You are experiencing life within a skin, in the human experience here on this planet.
Planet Intervention occurs when behaviours evolve in such a way, intervention from external source is necessary so to say. The human experience provides opportunity to ‘design’ and innovate, we refer to as contribution, with tool of the hand, you are not only caregivers of the land, your contribution is either complimentary or non-complimentary and affects evolution.

Beings within a reality, learn (acquire) behaviours through observation audible and visual, behaviour system, example of system on system, (SOS) should any of you be technically advanced, seeing and hearing another behave a particular way provides behaviour option so to say... it is most important complimentary behaviour be example, life is for experience and complimentary is learned along the way. Understanding the difference is key, kind example is key.

Awoken in 2019, here in NZ, guided to observe (from June 2020) unsustainable activities occurring, as far as the US, (yes in one female form) unsustainable for the planet and the species...the observation includes emerging technologies, food developments, human routines, shelter systems and supported through announcement of the U.N. in august 2021, in divine timing with the observation, their declaration of a code red for the planet... it was necessary to observe human response to such situation. As this exposed further SOS interference with positive response.

The waters are supposed to be beautiful, the beings are supposed to interact with the environment in a respectful way. The additional rain and earthquakes globally are our efforts here, to cleanse the atmosphere and cleanse the waters here and regenerate the soils.
With food source designed to automatically regenerate, there should be no starvation. Essentials such as shelter and healthy food are supposed to be easy to achieve as these set the pathway for sustainable reality, in reference to hygiene and health of a population...respect of situation derived through respect of one's environment.

Our purpose here is observation assisted with those beyond human form, whom follow through with the tidy up... and are aware of all... feel free to observe the profile on Facebook, free from judgement please...professional is achieved with a team of humans assisting...still positive this will occur...otherwise it's not been the most pleasant of journeys, strength and resilience key quality's of our presence...when a human refers to a soul or a spirit, they have identified a light being.. humans have always been close...our connection here, is due to recent observation of legislation and Legislative filing. Such imperative service, requires an urgent upgrade, in the best interest of life and the connection 'experience' here in this reality.
Our 'human' resources in reference to currency acquisition and transport other than public, is dependent in a way, as achieving a currency stream through hearing the words we've been sharing today, proven quite the task. Observation of those whom also experience their life experience in a way, where their access to currency is desire, so to say... we are only able to go as far as we are able each day, which is frustrating.

With birth name, Paula Dever, it is proven beyond reasonable doubt, acceptance is with the birth name.
This is a global intervention, where land is required to regenerate, land will be assisted to regenerate, where weapons of mass destruction are being used, we will try to alleviate such behaviour...where systems require upgrade, we will try to reach those whom are able to assist in these upgrades.

Positive is key, we hope you understand you are all one family, beings of light, experiencing life here, in this reality. The beings whom you are today are the unique characters you are able to display whilst existing here as human beings.

We wish you a positive life ahead, you are now aware of truth of existence here and why there is so much rain here in Auckland, where we are currently residing.
With Love,
Paula Dever (G) And The Higher Powers

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