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Year 10 boy excluded from school

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From: Sharon

Dear Ministry of Education,

I would like to know all of the responsibilities the MOE has when a 14 year old is excluded from his school. Such as, who is responsible for finding another school for the student...should the school provide education lessons for the child until another school is found...if transport is an issue to get to and from a new school, who is responsible if parents are unable to do this...should the MOE be in contact with the parents/guardians until the issues are resolved??
Lastly, how long would the MOE wait to contact parents if a child did not attend school at 14?

Yours faithfully,
Sharon Ward

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From: Enquiries National
Ministry of Education

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Tçnâ koe Sharon


Every child and young person has a right to an education, and every child
and young person aged between 6 and 16 years must be enrolled at a
registered school. When an incident happens, schools and kura are
encouraged to consider a range of responses to fit the seriousness of the
situation. They must work to reduce disruption to the student’s education,
and this includes planning and support for the student’s learning while
they are away, and for their return to school or kura. This also includes
the Ministry/Te Mahau facilitating access to appropriate supports and
services, to help address the wellbeing needs of the young person.


While one school may opt to suspend (and later exclude) a student over a
particular incident, another school may not. Any disciplinary action is a
measure of a school’s reaction to student behaviour.


When a student has been excluded from a school, the excluding school’s
Principal must try to arrange for the excluded student to be enrolled at
another convenient school. If the excluding school’s Principal is unable
to arrange for the student to enrol in another school within ten school
days, the Principal must notify the Ministry/Te Tâhuhu of this, and the
steps taken to arrange placement. The Education and Training Act 2020
requires that excluded students must stay on the school roll until they
enrol somewhere else, and the excluding school’s Principal remains
responsible for ensuring an appropriate education programme is provided to
the student until they are enrolled at a new school.


If the Principal of the excluding school has been unable to arrange
enrolment of the excluded student, the Ministry/Te Mahau will make all
reasonable attempts to consult the student’s parents/caregivers/whânau,
the board and any other person or organisation that may be interested in,
or able to advise on or help with, the student’s education or welfare, and
to work through the options.


When decisions to direct an enrolment are made, Ministry/Te Mahau regional
staff will work through what’s best for the student with the school, the
student’s whânau and other agencies. The supports that can be provided are
to make sure the student transitions and integrates well into their new
school and these will vary depending on the specific situation. You can
read more about directed enrolment here: [1]Pre-enrolment processes –
Education in New Zealand.


If you have concerns, you should first raise the issue with the Principal.
If not resolved in this way, then you should write to the board. You can
also contact [2]the relevant Ministry/Te Mahau office, [3]Youth Law
Aotearoa or your local Students Rights Service/Community Law Centre.
Community Law also has relevant information on this topic here:
[4]Stand-downs, suspensions, exclusions and expulsions - Community Law.


Nâku noa, nâ,

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ôna huanga
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We don't know whether the most recent response to this request contains information or not – if you are Sharon please sign in and let everyone know.

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