Communication with Aspect Furniture Ltd

Peter Banksia made this Official Information request to Ministry of Justice

The request was successful.

From: Peter Banksia

Dear Ministry of Justice,

Under the terms of the Official Information Act, I would like to request;

- Details of the Ministry's relationship with Aspect Furniture and/or Aspect Furniture Systems Limited including an itemised list of all orders/purchases made by the Ministry from the company in the last ten years, including product type and it's total cost, and whether or not an existing relationship exists between the Ministry and the company in regards to the purchase of furniture.

- The relevant Ministry policies that include guidance/rules around the purchasing of furniture.

- Details of any gifts received by the Ministry or any Ministry employee or contractor, directly from the company or from individuals named Richard Simmons, Andrew Simmons, or Neville Simmons.

Yours faithfully,

Peter Banksia

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Ministry of Justice

Kia ora,

Thank you for contacting the Official Information Act request mailbox for
the Ministry of Justice. 

We will endeavour to acknowledge your email within 2 working days of your


You can find more information about how we can help you at our [1]Official
Information Act Requests page.

Please note that by law, when you ask for official information we have to
respond to your request as soon as reasonably practicable and no later
than 20 working days after we receive it.


The Ministry of Justice may publish the response to your request on our
website, you can expect that if your OIA is to be published that this will
take place at least 10 working days after it has been sent you. Your name
and any other personal information will be withheld under Section 9(2)(a)
(protect the privacy of natural persons).


Please send any non-OIA related emails through to
o[2][email address] and any complaints through
to [3][email address]

Ngā mihi,

Ministerial Relations and Services

Governance and Assurance

DDI: +64 4 918 8800

Justice Centre I Aitken Street

DX Box SX 10088 I Wellington



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mailto:[email address]

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From: Easton, Paul
Ministry of Justice

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Hi Peter


Sorry for the delay in acknowledging your OIA request on Aspect Furniture


A response is due to you by 1/05/2023.


Ngā mihi,

Communications Services
Ministry of Justice | Tāhū o te Ture





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Ministry of Justice

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Dear Mr Banksia


Attached is the response to your request of 29 March 2023.




Ministerial Relations & Services


Ministerial Relations and Services

Governance & Assurance

Tel +64 4 918 8800
Justice Centre | Aitken Street

DX Box SX 10088 | Wellington

[email address]| [1]





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