Clarke Gayford - Pharmacist phone call

James made this Official Information request to Jacinda Ardern

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From: James

Dear Jacinda Ardern,

The information I am seeking relates to the pharmacist phone call involving Clarke Gayford, your fiancé.

For some context, I have outlined your previous refusal to provide any information below.

At the time of the incident, as widely reported by multiple media outlets, you “Refused to comment on the issue”.

As per RNZ article published 13th January 2021

“Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is refusing to comment on claims her fiancé tried to get rapid antigen tests (RATs) for his musician friends despite them not being eligible"

Furthermore, despite the story being first reported by an accredited Press Gallery member Thomas Coughlan, you have point blank refused to answer any questions from journalists.

Lastly, if the musicians seeking the RAT kits were close contacts they would have been immediately contacted by the MOH and a full "Health Risk Assessment" carried out.
Thus, why the musicians were urgently seeking their own testing and the assistance of Mr Gayford is a valid and reasonable question.

In the interests of transparency, integrity and public confidence in the govt it is vital the PM avoids or declares any conflicts of interest, including the perception of conflicts of interest.

With that in mind I seek the following information.

When were you first made aware DJ Dimension (Robert Etheridge) had broken Covid 19 protocols and who informed you? Please provide all communications concerning DJ Dimension including but not limited to texts, emails and phone relating to DJ Dimension between the dates of 28th of December 2021 and January 13th 2022.

What was the exact date and time Mr Gayford was on the phone to the pharmacist in Tauranga, where the musicians were seeking RAT kits?

When were you made aware Mr Gayford had been on the phone with the pharmacist in Tauranga and who informed you?
Please provide all communications including but not limited to emails, texts and phone calls relating to Mr Gayford's phone conversation with the Tauranga pharmacist inclusive of communications involving Office of the Prime Minister.

Please provide all communications including but not limited to emails, texts and phone calls involving Mr Gayford if he had contact with any government officials or members of your staff regarding music festivals, or musicians involved with the music festivals between the dates of December 28th 2021 and 13th of January 2022.
Further, any communications between Mr Gayford and any promoter/festival owner/director involved in essential worker visas for DJ Dimension in the 12 months prior to 28th December 2021, Again communications for this request are limited to the period between December 28th and 13th of January 20222.

Did you have contact or involvement whatsoever with Mr Gayford's lawyers, legal advisors or management between the dates of December 29th 2021 to 13th January 2021. If yes, please provide all details and communications including but not limited to emails, phone calls and texts

Yours faithfully,


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From: Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern

Kia ora


Thank you for taking the time to get in touch with Prime Minister, Jacinda


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Thank you again.



Office of the Prime Minister





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From: Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern

I am writing on behalf of the Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, to acknowledge receipt of your Official Information Act request.

Your request will be responded to under the provisions of the Official Information Act 1982.

Yours sincerely

Dinah Okeby
Office of the Prime Minister

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