Communications and meetings relating to AUT and Unitec Osteopathy programme

M D Stewarrt made this Official Information request to Auckland University of Technology

The request was successful.

From: M D Stewarrt

Dear Auckland University of Technology,

I seek release of any correspondence or record of meeting between Dr Chris McGrath and Dr Nick Penney and Duncan Reid Associate Dean of Health and Max Abbott former Dean of the School of Health and Environmental Sciences, or between any non-academic or academic staff of AUT and any non-academic or academic staff of Unitec regarding the establishment of a new osteopathy training programme at AUT or the transfer of the Unitec Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Osteopathy programme to AUT University.

Yours faithfully,

MD Stewart

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2023.05.11 complaint to Ombudsman

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From: M D Stewarrt

Dear Auckland University of Technology,
I have referred this matter to the Office of the Ombudsman, as a response is now long overdue.

Yours faithfully,

M D Stewart

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From: Andrea Vujnovich
Auckland University of Technology

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 Kia ora and thank you for your email. I understood that you had received
from Unitec, the attached information in response to your request for
communications between AUT and Unitec,. I apologise that we didn’t send
this separately to you and do so now.





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