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From: Stanley Bannerman

Dear Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet,

Earlier this week the Cypher of King Charles III was announced. The King’s cypher bears the "Tudor Crown", as opposed to the "St Edward’s Crown" used by the Queen Elizabeth II.

Is it anticipated that this will require modification of the New Zealand coat of arms which currently depicts St Edward’s Crown?

If so, would a new Royal Warrant be necessary to make the change? (The Ministry of Culture and Heritage’s website implies that the St Edward’s Crown is explicitly defined in the 1956 warrant – although I cannot find a copy of the warrant itself to verify this)

The Royal Crown also appears in a number of other places, such as some military ranks, the Governor-General’s flag, and on some of the medals and insignia of national honours. Will these be updated?

I presume if the image of the Crown is changed, such changes will be gradual and imagery, items, etc currently in use will not be immediately replaced. However, is there any anticipated timeframe over which the new Crown might start to appear?

Yours faithfully,

Stanley Bannerman

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From: Honours [DPMC]
Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

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Dear Mr Bannerman


Thank you for your email of 30 September 2022 regarding the future use of
the Tudor Crown in New Zealand’s Coat of Arms.


No consideration has yet been given to the issue of King Charles III’s
cypher and any possible effect on the New Zealand Coat of Arms or other
forms (honours insignia or other representations). This will be considered
by the Prime Minister at a later date.


We would also note that in the United Kingdom, it is the intention that
the new cypher and new rendering of the Crown will be introduced
gradually, and generally only when equipment, uniforms, or flags, which
bear them need to be replaced. This will be similar to what happened in
the 1950s and 1960s as Queen Elizabeth II's cypher came to replace that of
King George VI.


Kind regards,

David Williams

for Honours Unit


  Honours Unit | Cabinet Office, Executive Wing,
Parliament Buildings, Wellington 6011, New Zealand 

Phone: +64 4 830 5011

Email: [1][email address]  

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