Variance of sentences where housing unavailable to parolees- others released

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From: Mohammed Khan

Dear Department of Corrections,

According to this article in the Rotorua Daily Post, if a prisoner would be released but cannot establish their own arrangements as to where they reside, and if they reject being sent to emergency housing, say, in Rotorua, Corrections could apply to vary their sentence.

1) I assume that means that you would hold them in prison for a longer period if they refused to be sent to somewhere where emergency housing is systematically available, for example, in Rotorua?
2) If the assumption in (1) is correct, how many persons who would otherwise be released made that decision each year for the past five years?
3) If the assumption in (1) is correct, how much longer are such persons held? A defined period? Until the end of their sentence? Until it is possible for them to either make other arrangements or access emergency housing in their actual community?

Mohammed Khan

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From: Info@Corrections
Department of Corrections



Thank you for contacting the Department of Corrections; this is an
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At the current COVID-19 Protection Framework settings we are focused on
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staff, and the community – as a result, there may be a delay in responding
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If you are requesting information we are required to comply with the
Privacy Act 2020, the Official Information Act 1982 and the Victims Rights
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Be assured we will endeavour to respond to you as quickly as possible.


If you are a friend or family member of someone in prison, you can find
some useful information [1]here.


In most cases we are required to ask the person in prison for their
permission to release their information to you.  If you do not want the
person to know you are asking about them, please let us know as soon as


All media queries should be sent to [2][email address].


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The Ministerial Services Team

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