Cost Of Living Payments - Eligibility - When?

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From: Allen Reynolds

The Commissioner
Inland Revenue Department

Question: when is/are the exact date(s) and time(s), at which eligibility (for COLP) is determined by IRD?

The Taxation (Cost of Living Payments) Act 2022 states: 'It is a function of the Commissioner to administer the cost of living payments scheme'

The 'scheme' has several criteria, outlined in the Taxation (Cost of Living Payments) Bill:
- income, 2021–22 tax year
- benefit status
- age
- residence status
- incarceration status

Clearly, the latter four can change, and with it, eligibility... So, the D's & T's matter -
is it 'the first of each payment month'?
is it the 'Commencement Date', per the Act?
is it some random Date and Time, when IRD staff happen to push the 'check eligibility button'?

and don't forget the Time...


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From: oia
Inland Revenue Department



Dear Allan


Thank you for your request. 

If you have made an Official Information Request, we will respond within
the 20-day statutory timeframe.  You can expect to receive a response no
later than 29 September2022. 

Your reference number is 23OIA1289 . 


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this through your myIR Secure Online Services account. You can manage your
tax, social policy and student loan matters, check and maintain your
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If you are requesting your IRD number you can use the following service –
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For other queries you can find out where best to direct them
at [3] 


Kind regards 
Governance and Ministerial Services | Inland Revenue - Te Tari Taake 



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Inland Revenue Department

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Dear Allen Reynolds

Thank you for your request for information under the Official Information
Act received on 2022-09-01.

Please find attached the response to your request.

Kind regards
Governance and Ministerial Services | Inland Revenue - Te Tari Taake

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Allen Reynolds left an annotation ()

"Inland Revenue completes eligibility checks daily... checks are done each afternoon..."

selected... alphabetically?
21 working days in a month - all the A's on day1, B's on day2... thru to those pesky X-Y-Z's on the 21st?

or... numerically, 5% at a time? (by IRD#, postcode, DOB?)

strangely - I was checked TWICE last payment - I became eligible, then was 'reversed' the very next day - so double-checks?

anyway... it's almost over... one more on Monday (3rd)

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