Inland Revenue knowledge of taxpayers currently reporting illicit income for taxation purposes.

Isla Stewart made this Official Information request to Inland Revenue Department

The request was successful.

From: Isla Stewart

Good morning,

I would like to make a request under the Official Information Act for information regarding Crown revenue derived taxation on illicit activities.

My request is as follows:

1. In any fiscal year, is IRD aware of any of its customers who are reporting income derived from unlawful activities, for example drug dealing, money laundering, or similar offences.

2. If aware of any of any tax payments made for illicit income, how much has been received by IRD in the last 5 fiscal years?

3. Does IRD have any modelling, reports, or other documents containing estimations of taxation revenue from criminal sources? If so, I would like to request a copy of these reports.

4. Does IRD have any policies regarding the collection of illicit revenue made available to staff, the public, or other agencies? If so, I would like to request a copy of these as well.

Please note that I don't wish this request to extend to any personal information, and I am happy for any and all identifying information (including IRD staff) to be redacted.

Yours faithfully,

Isla Stewart

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From: Isla Stewart

Hi there,

Just wanted to follow up on the above to make sure you received it as I haven't gotten an acknowledgement yet.

Thanks in advance :)


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From: oia
Inland Revenue Department

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Good morning,


Please find attached a response to your OIA request.


Kind regards,


Governance & Ministerial Services



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