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From: Chris P.

Dear Palmerston North Boys' High School,

1. Noting the Ministry of Education's minimum executive salary entry point of $79,567 per annum, would you please provide the remuneration range for senior management staff? For the avoidance of doubt, senior management includes "Senior Masters", the "Rector", "Deputy Rector", and any executive employees employed by the school in a full-time or part-time capacity.

2. Are any additional remuneration benefits afforded to senior management staff outside direct financial compensation? Examples may include personal use of school-owned vehicles, bonuses and additional paid time off.

3. If the school uses a salary band remuneration system, please provide all salary bands in an Excel format.

Yours faithfully,

Chris P.

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Noah Fitzgerald left an annotation ()

Chris, This information is already available to the public in the 2020 financial statements.
Rector salary band: 220-230k
Deputy rector salary band: 130-140k
Senior master salary bands: 120-130k

Information about specific employees would not be provided.

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