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A.j sheppard made this Official Information request to Willie Jackson

Response to this request is long overdue. By law Willie Jackson should have responded by now (details and exceptions). You can complain to the Ombudsman.

From: A.j sheppard

Dear Willie Jackson,

In light of your racist comments directed at the brilliant maori politician mr david seymour ( you referred to him as a pakeha that is maori. Non maori, and a useless maori) ive also heard you refer to other well known maori new zealanders as "plastic maori"
I would like to request clarification from you personally as to what the definition of the following is.

1. Please define "maori" and what constitutes someone being maori.
Is it via DNA, family tree, skin colour, traits/characteristics or just simply feeling maori and joining the maori electoral roll?.

2. Please define "useless maori"

3. Please define "plastic maori"

4. Please give examples of who would meet the criteria for the above 3 questions, please feel free to use yourself as an example, you can use your name more then once if you wish.

I also request any documents/laws or guidelines as to what officially or legally constitutes a new zealander as being a maori.

If no solid legal definition and threshold exists to define who is or is not maori then why does it not exist?

Yours faithfully,
A j Sheppard

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From: W Jackson (MIN)
Willie Jackson

Tçnâ koe

Thank you for contacting the office of Hon Willie Jackson, Minister for
Mâori Development, Associate Minister for ACC and Associate Minister of

The Minister considers all correspondence important and appreciates you
taking the time to write.  Please note that as Minister Jackson receives a
large amount of correspondence it is not always possible to personally
reply to all emails.

The following guidelines apply:

•         Portfolio related correspondence will be considered and
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Information Act 1982, which may include transfer to a more relevant
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Members of Parliament, then your opinion will be noted and your
correspondence may be transferred to another                       office,
or there may be no further response to you

•         Media queries will be referred to the Minister’s press secretary

•         To find out more about Minister Jackson read his
[1]biography  or [2]recent statements.

Again, thank you for writing.

Office of Hon Willie Jackson MP

Minister for Mâori Development | Associate Minister for ACC | Associate
Minister of Justice

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