Why can timaru not go with the three waters reform

Tui Aroha Williams made this Official Information request to Timaru District Council

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From: Tui Aroha Williams

Dear Timaru District Council,
I would like clean water I have been using bottled for a year and not just that I want to know why timaru council won't do what's best for the health of timaruians
My question,what is the reason apart from a report saying timaru residents don't want the three waters reform do you have,where is the paperwork showing the votes of timaru people as I know I voted for the reform yet have not seen real proof of the vote just statistics so please provide this proof of actual vote showing a real vote.

Yours faithfully,

Tui Aroha Williams

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From: Jo Williams
Timaru District Council

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Good morning, 


Please find attached a copy of Timaru District Council’s reply to your




Jo Williams

Jo Williams ^| Executive Assistant
[1]Timaru District Council
Timaru District Council | PO Box 522 | Timaru
P: 03 687 7491 | W: [2]www.timaru.govt.nz


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2. http://www.timaru.govt.nz/

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From: Tui Aroha Williams

Dear Jo Williams,
1000 people survey does not a town think. No one in timaru or surrounds have been happy with the taste look and quality of water fir a long time and just a month ago there were boil notices and stink coming from taps,1000 people surveyed! 1000 people with a vote,your disgutingling ruining what could be a good city.

Yours sincerely,

Tui Aroha Williams

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