Money spent on replacement of buildings

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From: M. J. Cui

Dear Macleans College,

I would like data regarding

1/how much was spent on replacing the buildings (includes new walls, decorations (like statue in Hillary), equipment in the labs, boards showing the “house captains”) RUTHERFORD, KUPE, HILLARY, MANSFIELD, UPHAM, TE KANAWA, science labs. If these could be in a table format with two columns: house/block and total and a separate row for each building/block that would be sufficient to answer this question

2/ How much is the budget each year for the past 6 years for each “house” e.g Snell/ Batten. A suitable way to display this information would be a table where each column is representing a different year and each row is a different house

Yours faithfully,

M. J. Cui

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From: Linda Roberts
Macleans College

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Dear Mr Cui,


To your first question – the information regarding the rebuild costs is
held by the Ministry of Education.

To your second question – the audited accounts of the school are publicly



Steven Hargreaves


Linda Roberts
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From: M. J. Cui

Dear Linda Roberts,

After looking at the Statement of Comprehensive Revenue and Expense[1], for the year ending December 2021. Unless I am mistaken, it doesn't seem to be intricate enough to show how much the budget "Hillary" spends each year. The only expense that could be it is Learning Resources which amounts to $17,483,841. Which is obviously too high even if it includes all 8 houses.

Could you please lead me to the pdf, or income statement where I can see how much the budget was for the past 6 years? (2016,2017,2018,2019,2020,2021, 2022)
I am most importantly looking after the budget(unaudited) and the actual spend. (I don't expect the actual number for 2022).

Yours sincerely,

M. J. Cui


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From: Steven Hargreaves
Macleans College

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Kia ora Mike


Hillary House was rebuilt in 2014. This was a Ministry of Education
project. The school does not have access to these accounts.

Because Hillary is still relatively new the maintenance spend is low. It
is on our cyclical maintenance plan to have external paint every 8 years,
internal painting every 10 years. To date there are no other maintenance
costs reported separately. This maintenance plan is the same as all the


Other budget for the Houses is very low. Each of the Whanau houses were
given $250.00 (excl. GST) from the school this year.

In addition to this, the proceeds from the vending machines have
contributed a further $251.05 (excl. GST) giving each house a budget of
$501.05 excl. GST or $576.21 incl. GST

These funds are used for photocopying, prizes for students at assembly
etc. The statue of Hillary is of unknown cost. It has been in the school
since before my time (2002).


You will be well aware that Hillary raises funds for the Himalayan Trust.
This is donated from time to time directly to the Trust. This money is
100% of the fundraising done by students. There is no budget for this as
the amount raised is not known ahead of time.


I am not sure what else you need to know? You are most welcome to come in
and discuss this with me and take a look at Hillary House.



Mr Hargreaves



Steven Hargreaves
Macleans College
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From: Linda Roberts <[email address]>
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Subject: FW: Money spent on replacement of buildings



Linda Roberts
Principal's PA
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