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Omicron, Delta & Common Cold and Misleading Medsafe Statistics

Chuck Schooner (Account suspended) made this Official Information request to Ministry of Health

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From: Chuck Schooner (Account suspended)

Dear Ministry of Health,

Please provide the following

- Omicron symptoms
- Omicron known treatments - this excludes the vaccine as there have been no trials completed
- Is isolation at home a treatment for Omicron?

- Delta symptoms
- Delta known treatments
- Given the vaccine "apparently" works against Delta but won't stop you getting it or transmitting it can you please provide how the symptoms differ
1. If you get Delta with the vaccine
2. If you get Delta without the vaccine
3. Impact on long term immunity - ie will getting Delta after getting vaccinated give you lasting immunity
4. Impact on long term immunity if you get Delta and recover will your natural immunity be better than that of the vaccine
5. How do the N antibody levels compare vaccinated versus unvaccinated

- Common cold symptoms
- Common cold treatments

Can you please list all common symptoms in a chart and how these illnesses differ

With regard to the Medsafe Safety Reports the background rates appear to be misleading. As an example in terms of the Abortion Section there have been 47 in total. This is in comparison to 290 in the general population. This isn't an apples v apples comparison. Pregnant woman might still be getting good advice from doctors who are warning them of the risks of the experimental gene therapy so the sample size isn't the same as the general population is it? There might only be 48 pregnant woman that got the jab? This is misleading at best but really is gross misconduct and malfeasance. Stop lying.

Please provide

Total Number of Abortions
Total Number of Pregnant Woman who received the gene therapy
% of people who suffered a loss - my heart goes out to these people who trusted the government - lets hope it wasn't in people struggling with fertility

Please provide the above in all the categories so that proper comparisons can be made.

Yours faithfully,
Chuck Schooner

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James Sullivan left an annotation ()

I would recommend to the requestor to go through some of the free for consumption virology and immunology courses available from various universities globally. https://www.virology.ws/course/ This one is done by an experienced virologist who takes an interest in public education.

They are requesting simple answers for very complex questions. While something may work effectively at a population level it can still fail for a small subset of individuals. This does mean the evidence for an action taken at a population level is fatally weak. Also we do not yet understand enough about the immune system and human biology to be able to reliably identify unexpected individual reactions. Again, this does not mean the chosen action is a failure.

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Chuck Schooner (Account suspended) left an annotation ()

Many thanks James, will do. Do they provide funding sources, conflicts of interest and information they have relied on along with those conflicts? I will have a look when I get a chance.

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James Sullivan left an annotation ()

In the case of Vincent Racaniello's course he has a long published history and has been a professor at his University for quite a long time. Any recent papers where he is an author will list any possible conflicts of interest.

Also simply having a possible conflict of interest does not invalidate the actions or statements of a person. By becoming an expert in an area one will often build up a collection of possible conflicts of interest. The important thing is that they're known and accounted for.

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Chuck Schooner (Account suspended) left an annotation ()

Thanks James I agree it doesn’t validate a person’s professional experience. However what we are seeing now is that academics and experts who have been relied on pay absolutely no price for being wrong. “Conspiracy theorists” months ago were saying mass vaccination would compromise long term immunity but the experts said this wasn’t the case, now UK and Scotland data confirm immunity is compromised in the double jabbed and the WHO are warning boosters will do this too. So until people have something to lose the experts can be wrong all they want but keep getting a pay check and are still given a platform. I suspect what will come back from this request will be lies, obfuscation and we have relied on Pfizer information. The more people they force this on the more the data can be skewed because there are likely no proper control groups in what is effectively a national drug trial. And the horrific injuries supports this as per Medsafes on data.

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Chuck Schooner (Account suspended) left an annotation ()

Oh and just to add to this a certain epidemiologist is calling to mask kids as young as two. That definitely won’t cause respiratory issues, learning difficulties and anxiety throughout their lives. Do you think anyone in the media will pushback on this?

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We don't know whether the most recent response to this request contains information or not – if you are Chuck Schooner (Account suspended) please sign in and let everyone know.

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