Total businesses surveyed and result summary for ICT recruitment

Phil Wheeler made this Official Information request to Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment

The request was successful.

From: Phil Wheeler

Dear Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment,

Steven Joyce has advised that government has been "surveying all the significant ICT employers in NZ" to (in part) establish recruitment needs and hiring patterns.

Could you please release the results to date with specific details around:

* The dates over which these surveys were conducted
* The total number of ICT employers surveyed
* The total positions being sought across all employers for graduate, junior, intermediate and senior software developers / engineers

It may be that the surveys in question are not yet complete, in which case please provide raw results to date along with any notes to the effect of the reliability of the data.

Yours faithfully,
Phil Wheeler

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From: David Smol
Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment

Thank you for your email.


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From: Michelle Schulz
Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment

Hi Phil


Further to our conversation today in regards to clarifying the scope of
your OIA request seeking information about surveys relating to ICT skills
needs of firms, dated 14 July, I understand that your main interest is in
statistical data on the demand and supply of ICT skills.  


Please find below links to government and private data and surveys
publicly available: 


-          Productivity Commission, [1]Boosting services sector
productivity , June 2014 (chapter 10) – which incorporates MBIE’s data

-          MBIE, [2]Occupation Outlook, 2014

-          MBIE, [3]Jobs Online Monthly Reports

Statistic NZ, [4]Business Operations Survey,

-          Absolute IT, [5]Employer Insight Report - February 2014 &  Job
Seeker Intentions Report - Feb 2014 & IT Remuneration Report – January

-          NZTIA, [6]NZTech Skills and Talent Survey, 2013


As mentioned, the Government has recently announced the establishment of
[7]ICT graduate schools (a [8]Notice of Information is available on the
Government Electronic Tendering Services website). As part of the process
of establishing the ICT graduate schools, MBIE and the Tertiary Education
Commission  have conducted a series of workshops and are also currently
running a survey [9]online survey (the end date is tonight, but I
understand that this Is being extended for another few days).  The results
of the survey and the workshop will also be made publicly available.


Please let us know if you would like to proceed with your original
request, submit a new request, and/or meet with us to discuss.







Michelle Schulz



Skills & Employment Policy

Science, Skills & Innovation Group

Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment


[10][email address]| Telephone: +64 4 901 2135

33 Bowen St, PO Box 5762, Wellington 6145, New Zealand


[11] - connecting you to New Zealand central & local
government services

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