Risk assessment - COVID symptoms versus Pfizer adverse effects

Kathy White made this Official Information request to Health and Disability Commissioner

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From: Kathy White

Dear Health and Disability Commissioner,

Please provide the following information for each of the COVID deaths recorded in NZ:

For each of these deaths, please state the person's age, if the person had co-morbidities, if they were unvaccinated people, or they had had one dose or two doses of the Pfizer vaccine. Please provide dates of vaccination, and admission to hospital (if admitted).

If they had received one or two doses of the vaccine, had they had any adverse reactions to the vaccine?

If an official statement was issued in the media that the death was not-vaccine-related, what does that mean? Does it mean the person was unvaccinated or does it mean that they just haven't determined a causal link to the vaccine yet?

If you know that each death wasn't connected to the vaccine, please explain how you have determined that? (eg. Autopsy)

If a statement was made before an autopsy was complete in each of these cases, please specify why that was done and what criteria was applied?

Do you or the MoH always make a statement for each COVID death that a person was vaccinated or unvaccinated?

At what point do you classify them as vaccinated? For instance, if someone has had one dose of the vaccination, do you classify that death as unvaccinated or vaccinated?

If a person WITH COVID dies after one dose of the vaccine, how do you determine whether they died OF COVID-19 or of an adverse reaction to the vaccine?

In relation to people who have died or had adverse reactions to the vaccine (there are now more than 30,000 adverse events recorded, and many of the specific injuries such as pericarditis and myocarditis are significant in numbers and severity), who is overseeing the risk/benefit analysis of the vaccine versus the risk of COVID in terms of long-term health?

I ask this because the OIA response to Zahra Lightway, which covered up to 7 October, seems to indicate much less severe symptoms for the vast majority of people who have had COVID-19 when compared with the number and severity of the vaccine-induced adverse effects. Out of 4382 cases, only 4 cases had the most serious of the symptoms (trouble breathing).

I hope you can help me to understand why a vaccine with such significant adverse effects, would be mandated, when the symptoms of COVID-19 appear to be less significant overall.

Kind regards

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From: Craig Goodwillie
Health and Disability Commissioner

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Dear Ms White,

Please find our response attached.


Dr Craig Goodwillie  
OIA Advisor
Office of the Health and Disability Commissioner
PO Box 11934, Wellington 6142│ Level 11, TechnologyOne House, Wellington
DDI (04) 494 7914
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