Paul Kramer made this Official Information request to Ministry of Health

The request was successful.

From: Paul Kramer

Dear Ministry of Health,

Please provide all documentation relating to the Ministry of Health's annual grant to New Zealand Aids Foundation. Please provide the original grant document and documentation surrounding its most recent disbursement (2013-14 calendar year).

Yours faithfully,

P. Kramer

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Ministry of Health

Dear Mr Kramer

Thank you for your request for official information, received by the
Ministry of Health on 3 June 2014.

Your request has been received and logged.  As required under the Official
Information Act 1982, the Ministry will respond to your request within 20
working days.  You should receive a response on or before 1 July 2014.

If a large amount of information has been requested or if the Ministry
needs to consult in order to make a decision, we may need to extend this
date (this is provided for in section 15A of the Act).  We will advise you
if such an extension is necessary.

The Ministry's reference number for your request is: H201402311.

Yours sincerely
Government Relations
Corporate Services
Ministry of Health
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Ministry of Health

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Dear Mr Kramer

Please find attached the Ministry's response to your OIA request.

Kind regards
Lisa Young
Team Administrator
Public Health
National Services Purchasing
National Health Board
Ministry of Health
DDI: +64 4 816 3929

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