Orthognathic Surgical Criteria Adult with Class III Malocclusion

Richardt E. made this Official Information request to Waitemata District Health Board

Waitemata District Health Board did not have the information requested.

From: Richardt E.

Dear Waitemata District Health Board,

I am writing to request a report on how many patients have been provided with publicly funded orthognathic surgery each year, over the past 5 years from Waitemata DBH as a total number. I would like this number to then be categorised into how many patients received orthognathic surgery for a Class III Malocclusion (Child and adult categorised).

Additionally, I would like to be provided with a list of the Cephalometric and OPG- X Ray measurement criteria that would qualify an adult patient with a Class III Malocclusion to receive publicly funded Orthognathic surgery (+/- Community Services Card).

Lastly, I would like to be provided with a list of criteria that establishes the waiting times for an adult requiring orthognathic surgery.

Yours faithfully,

Richardt E.

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From: Denise Poole (WDHB)
Waitemata District Health Board

Dear Richard

Thank you for your OIA request, received today.

While we will endeavour to provide a response to you within the 20 working days allowed under the Act, it should be noted that Waitematâ DHB’s clinicians, managers and staff are concentrating on measures to manage the current COVID-19 Delta outbreak in the region.

Therefore, we have limited capacity to respond to some OIA requests. If for any reason we are unable to meet the deadline and need to extend the timeframe for your response, we will be in touch to advise why this has been necessary and to indicate when your response will be ready.

Please note that Waitematâ DHB supports the open disclosure of information to assist community understanding of how we are delivering publicly-funded healthcare. This includes the proactive publication of anonymised Official Information Act responses on our website from 10 working days after they have been released.

If you feel that there are good reasons why your response should not be made publicly available, we will be happy to consider this.

Kind regards,
Denise Poole I Official Information Act Manager
Communications I Waitematâ DHB
Level 2, 15 Shea Terrace, Takapuna
Private Bag 93-503, North Shore 0740
m: 021 198 0623

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From: Anna Monastra (WDHB)
Waitemata District Health Board

Attachment OIA 21161Transfer letter to requester.pdf
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Dear Richard,

Please see the attached transfer letter regarding your Official
Information Act request.





Anna Monastra I Senior Administration Assistant

Communications I Waitematā DHB

Level 2, 15 Shea Terrace, Private Bag 93-503, North Shore 0740

Part-time hours: Monday - Thursday



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