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C. Burt made this Official Information request to Parliamentary Service

The request was refused by Parliamentary Service.

From: C. Burt

Dear Parliamentary Service,

I would like to request a file of all emails sent by David Cunliffe from the 1st of October 2011 to present, with the emails being adressed to any businesses (name of business is nit needed or required).

Yours faithfully,

L. W. Burt

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From: Parliamentary Information Service
Parliamentary Service



Thank you for your enquiry.

It has been received by the Parliamentary Information Service. This
Service responds to information requests from the public which relate to
all aspects of the New Zealand Parliament.

We will reply to your request within the next 3 days.





[personal info]


Research Resources Officer


Parliamentary Information Service

Parliamentary Service, Parliament Buildings, Wellington 6160, New Zealand


T: [04] 817 9888

E: [1][Parliamentary Service request email]   W: [2]




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From: Corinne Messenger
Parliamentary Service

Dear Mr Burt

Thank you for your email request. The information you requested is the Member's information, and is not our information to release.

Corinne Messenger

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