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Michael Brown made this Official Information request to New Zealand Transport Agency

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From: Michael Brown

Dear New Zealand Transport Agency,

Thank you for your prompt reply to previous OIA request ( I have a followup question.

Given that the agency has not conducted staff unconscious-bias tests relating to different transport modes, how does NZTA ensure that staff do not have this form of unconscious bias and that this is not affecting NZTA decisions?

My queries are presented in the contemporary context of NZ needing to transition to a different balance of transport modes due to population growth and requirements to reduce carbon emissions. Such a transition is heightening conflicting needs across the transport sector, necessitating more scrutiny of NZTA decisions. Ensuring that NZTA staff do not harbour unconscious bias in their decision-making is one way to demonstrate transparency and identify issues.

Yours faithfully,

Michael Brown

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From: Official Correspondence
New Zealand Transport Agency

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Dear Michael


This email acknowledges your below request for information made under the
Official Information Act 1982.


Your request has been forwarded to the appropriate section of Waka Kotahi
NZ Transport Agency for response. They will contact you if they require
clarification of your request, more time to respond, or if your request
has been transferred to another organisation to respond to. Unless more
time is required, Waka Kotahi will send a response to you within 20
working days of receiving your request – in this instance on or before 28
June 2021.


The information you have requested may contain the names and contact
details of our staff. Please let us know whether you require these names
and contact details. We may need to consult our staff before deciding
whether we can release this information, and this may take a bit more
time. If we do not hear from you we will assume that you do not require
staff names and contact details.


If you would like to discuss your request with Waka Kotahi, please contact
us by email at [1][email address].




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Ministerial Services

Te Waka Kôtuia - Engagement & Partnerships
Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency
Head Office / 50 Victoria Street
Private Bag 6995, Wellington 6141, New Zealand 
_________ _____________________________________________

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