Details of Tier 1 and 2 officials diaries on Fridays during December 2020

Lional Jones made this Official Information request to Ministry of Māori Development

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From: Lional Jones

Dear Ministry of Māori Development,

I am studying the productivity of tier 1 and 2 officials in various Departments and Ministries on Fridays in December during the lead up to Christmas 2020.

Can I please have the diaries or details of meetings, events or activities held off-site for all your tier 1 and 2 officials on each Friday in December 2020. This should exclude if the official was on annual, sick or other approved leave that day, and they did not partake in any meetings, events or activities that involved other staff or Departmental/Ministry resources on that leave day.

Details can be as brief as the subject, date, time, and location.

Yours faithfully,

Lional Jones

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From: Mailbox - TPK Info
Ministry of Māori Development

Nau mai, haere mai


Thank you for your enquiry.  We check this mailbox daily and will respond
to your enquiry within two working days.



·         If your enquiry is about Whenua Māori or the Whenua Māori Fund
then it has been automatically sent to the Whenua Maori Team by email
[1][email address].  For information on Whenua Maori [2]read
more here.

·         If you are making a request for information under the Official
Information Act then your enquiry has been automatically sent to the
Ministerials Team by email [3][email address]. For information on OIA
requests [4]read more here.

·         All Māori Housing enquiries should be made to your nearest Te
Puni Kōkiri regional office or [5]read more here.

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should be made to your nearest Te Puni Kōkiri regional office or [6]read
more here.

·         All enquiries about funding should be made to your nearest Te
Puni Kōkiri regional office.

·         All media enquiries must be sent to the Communications Team so
email  [7][email address].


Ngā mihi, nā Communications Team


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From: Mailbox - OIA
Ministry of Māori Development

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Tēnā koe Lional


Attached is our response to your below request.


Ngā mihi


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| Waea Pūkoro M : +64 27 391 8308 |
| Waea Whakaahua F : 0800 875 329 |
| Tia Choi Te Puni Kōkiri, Te Puni Kōkiri |
| Senior Ministerials Advisor | House, 143 Lambton Quay, |
|  Kaitohu     Wellington 6011, New Zealand |
| National Office PO Box 3943, Wellington 6140, New |
|   Zealand |
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| Kōkiri Website    [4]sign-kokiri  |
| [5]Kōkiri Magazine    |
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