Covid-19 Vaccination Plan Propaganda Brochure

Paul Jones made this Official Information request to Jacinda Ardern

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From: Paul Jones

Dear Jacinda Ardern,

We recently received in our letterbox a propaganda brochure titled "Our COVID-19 vaccination plan".

In this brochure we quote the following section.

How we know it's safe?

Medsafe (New Zealand's medicines safety authority) only grants consent for a vaccine to be used in New Zealand once they are satisfied it's safe and effective to use.

All COVID-19 vaccines will go through the same safety steps, and must meet the same robust standards. There have been no shortcuts in granting approval.

We write for you to provide all documentation and evidence to support the above claims, being;

1) Provide documentation outlining all the safety steps the COVID-19 vaccines are evaluated against.

2) Its claimed no shortcuts have been taken but the propaganda brochure does not outline that these vaccines have only been approved under "emergency use". Please clarify the differences ("shortcuts") between approval for emergency use and the regular approval that an MMR vaccine had to go through?

3) Please provide documentation for the criteria that enables Medsafe to determine what is considered "safe".

4) Please provide documentation for the criteria that enables Medsafe to determine what is considered "effective".

Yours faithfully,

Paul Jones

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From: Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern

Kia ora


Thank you for taking the time to get in touch with Prime Minister Jacinda


If you are writing about an issue relating to COVID-19, mental health,
Immigration, housing or benefit assistance, here's a list of links that
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For queries around Managed Isolation availability  and/or exemptions:


If you are overseas and need assistance please contact your nearest New
Zealand Embassy or Consulate. Contact details are listed in each
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  . For urgent consular assistance after-hours please contact +64 99 20 20
20 (monitored 24 hours a day).


For immigration and visa advice: contact the call centre which is open 
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For urgent housing or benefit enquiries:

∙             Call 0800 559 009 (for under 65)

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If you need treatment or support for your health or wellbeing, the
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Healthline – You can call Healthline for health advice on freephone 0800
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can advise you on the best thing to do in your situation, including which
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1737 – If you need to talk to someone about how you are feeling, you can
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Mental health crisis teams – If you are concerned that someone is going to
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For Police assistance In an emergency call 111.

For everything else use 105.

You can also make a report online at 


We hope that one of the above links helps answer your question, if not we
will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you again



Office of the Prime Minister





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From: Arna Thornton

Dear Paul Jones

I am writing on behalf of the Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, to acknowledge receipt of your Official Information Act request.

Your request will be responded to under the provisions of the Official Information Act 1982.

Yours sincerely

Arna Thornton
Office of the Prime Minister

Authorised by Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern MP, Parliament Buildings Wellington 6012

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