Total number of Temporary protection orders granted

Zane Collins made this Official Information request to Ministry of Justice

The request was successful.

From: Zane Collins

Dear Ministry of Justice,
I would like to request the number of Temporary protection orders filed and granted per year from 2010 and how many of those orders were discharged in a defended court hearing.

Yours faithfully,

Zane Collins

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Zane Collins left an annotation ()

I meant were discharged and not made as final protection orders

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Ministry of Justice

Thank you for contacting the Official Information Act request mailbox for
the Ministry of Justice. We will endeavour to respond to your email within
48 hours. 

You can find more information about how we can help you at our [1]Official
Information Act Requests page.

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From: Easton, Paul
Ministry of Justice

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Please find your OIA response attached.





Paul Easton

Senior Media Advisor | Communications Services
Ministry of Justice | Tāhū o te Ture

P +64 4 466 5058 | Ext  65058 | [mobile number]

[1][email address] | [2]




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