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From: Amy S Van Wey Lovatt

Dear University of Otago,

I am a NZ citizen.
According to the Medical Council of NZ, statement of duties of physicians titled "When another person is present during a consultation", point 11:
If a doctor would like to have one or more students or trainees attend a consultation the patient should be provided with an explanation prior to the consultation about the role that the student or trainee may take in the consultation and asked whether he or she consents to the student or trainee being present.

I am writing to request from University of Otago all documents and information which inform the physician and student of:
(1) their respective responsibilities and obligations to the patient to obtain informed consent from the patient when a student is present during a consultation or surgery, and
(2) their respective responsibilities and obligations with regards to student's observational notes taken when the student is present in a consultation or surgery (e.g., what notes should be taken, whether the notes are to be added to the patients record, who will have access to the observation notes, etc.)

I also request documents on the quality assurance process to ensure that all DHBs are complying with the aforementioned responsibilities and obligations.

If you require any clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact me via If your organization does not hold some or any of these documents, I respectfully request you refer my OIA request to the appropriate agency who holds the missing information.

I request the documents be submitted through and be in searchable electronic form (e.g., word or PDF which has not been scanned as a gif or tiff).

Thank you for your help in obtaining this information.

Kind regards,

Amy S Van Wey Lovatt

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