Information Relating to Hip Revision Surgeries

Julie Hands made this Official Information request to Hutt District Health Board

Response to this request is long overdue. By law Hutt District Health Board should have responded by now (details and exceptions). The requester can complain to the Ombudsman.

From: Julie Hands

Dear Hutt District Health Board,

I am currently undertaking a project on the economic benefit of different types of prosthetics in revision surgeries for hip arthroplasties. In relation to this I would like to request the following information under the Official Information Act.

Any help you could provide with supplying this information would be very much appreciated.

1) Procurement Policy for medical devices

2)Funding Policies for medical devices including when manufacturers will get paid (ie before surgery, upon receiving implant) with specific reference to custom devices

3)How many hip revision surgeries involving an acetabular component for each year for last 5 years 2012 in region? If not available just 2012.

4) How many patients received a re-revision surgeries in the past five years? (ie it was their second or third + revision surgery).

4)How much was spent on acetabular implants in revision surgeries over each year for last five years? If not available just 2012.

5)What is the average costs of running an operating theatre per hour (minus staffing costs)?

6)Total operating theatre costs for revision surgeries in 2012?

7)How long on average how long does a revision hip arthroplasty take?

8) How much was spent on rehabilitation after hip revision in 2012?

9) What is the cost of a day of rehabilitation for a hip surgery?

Yours faithfully,

Julie Hands

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