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From: Lily

Dear Television New Zealand Limited,

I am requesting the viewer numbers for Q + A with Jack Tame for Sunday 28 June and for Monday 22 June and the differences in viewership numbers.

Noting Q + A with Jack Tame is a publically-funded show and is now broadcast at 9 am, where many may be going to Church/simply want to enjoy a public holiday/not want to wak up in the early hours of the morning, what was the criterion for moving the slot from a weekday to a public holiday (i.e number of twitter/Facebook users etc)? As a viewer of Q + A, I am personally disappointed that the show has moved to a new time, as I feel that watching tv on a weekday may be more accessible for a larger proportion of the population than on a Sunday Morning.

Many thanks,

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From: Brent McAnulty
Television New Zealand Limited

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Dear Lily


We have received your email requesting information related to Q+A and will
respond in due course.


Yours sincerely



Brent McAnulty
General Counsel and Corporate Affairs Director

d.  +64 9 916 7935
m. +64 27 226 4913






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From: Brent McAnulty
Television New Zealand Limited

Dear Lily,

I refer to your request regarding viewer numbers for Q+A with Jack Tame.

Q+A aired on Sunday mornings for several years, before switching to an evening timeslot in 2018. On Sunday 28 it moved back to the original morning time-slot, but it is still repeated on Monday evening. It is also available on TVNZ OnDemand.

The decision to shift back to Sunday morning followed audience feedback on their preferred viewing time, as well as the programme's aim to lead the week's news agenda ahead of the election. Importantly the Sunday scheduling works better for guests, particularly cabinet ministers, which means more interviews in the same studio (instead of via a video link). The absence of advertising on Sunday means that there is now more content than there was on Monday.

Social media feedback was not a reason for the change.

Viewership for Sunday 28 June (including the repeat screening) was 67,100. The previous week's programme was viewed by 100,900 people over two screenings. We expect Sunday viewership to increase as people become aware of the new time slot, and we get closer to the Election.

It is important to note that comparing these figures in isolation does not give the full viewership story. TVNZ OnDemand viewership has not been take into account (and figures are not yet available to be included). Generally speaking evening shows rate higher than Sunday mornings as they enjoy a stronger lead-in audience.

Kind regards

Brent McAnulty
General Counsel & Corporate Affairs Director

m. +64 27 226 4913

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