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James Lochead made this Official Information request to Crown Law Office

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From: James Lochead

Dear Crown Law Office,

I thought every citizen of New Zealand could use the courts without fear or favour. and this was enshrined in laws of New Zealand.

So if someone was to punish a person using the court system by taking action against them, by say revoking their re-insurance (which would have an effect on them for the rest of their lives every time they insure anything). because they had used the courts to protect their rights as enshrined by an act of parliament.

Would that person have breached any criminal law in doing so and if so what law would they have broken as I can't appear to find it anywhere. or is it a civil matter? Or is their no protection at all under law to protect a person bringing legal action from being victimised for doing so.

Yours faithfully,

James Lochead

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From: OIA
Crown Law Office

Dear Mr Lochead

I refer to your email of 13 October 2013.

The Solicitor-General and the Crown Law Office are legal advisers to the government and it is not therefore appropriate for them to provide legal advice to individuals.

If you wish to seek independent legal advice on the issues you have raised, you can consult the New Zealand Law Society website for names of lawyers who practise in your area. Alternatively, you may wish to consult your local Citizens Advice Bureau for assistance.

Michelle Brown
Legal Secretary
Crown Law Te Tari Ture o te Karauna

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