Takahe NZ's Dept of CONservation have poisoned.

T. Benseman made this Official Information request to Department of Conservation

The request was refused by Department of Conservation.

From: T. Benseman

Dear Department of Conservation,

Please provide a full and complete list of all Takahe NZ's Dept of CONservation have poisoned.

If attempting to charge for this taxpayer funded information, please keep in mind that I have been paying you already to watch porn on 51,000 porn sites a month and have no patience for your grizzling claims of being overworked.

Thank You,

T. Benseman

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From: Government Services
Department of Conservation

Dear Tim

On behalf of the Director-General of the Department of Conservation, I confirm receipt of your request below.

Your request has been forwarded to the relevant business group for processing. You will receive a reply by 17 January, in accordance with the requirements of the Official Information Act 1982.

Please note that the Ombudsman has set an OIA holiday from 25 December to 15 January. The 20 working days allowed for your response will be on hold over this period, and will continue again from 16 January.

Yours sincerely

Government Services
for Director-General

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From: replies
Department of Conservation

Attachment 19 E 0842 Departmental OIA Benseman decision letter.pdf
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Dear Mr Benseman


Please find attached a response to your Official Information Act request
dated 30 November 2019.


Kind regards

The Department of Conservation


Caution - This message and accompanying data may contain information that
is confidential or subject to legal privilege. If you are not the intended
recipient you are notified that any use, dissemination, distribution or
copying of this message or data is prohibited. If you received this email
in error, please notify us immediately and erase all copies of the message
and attachments. We apologise for the inconvenience. Thank you.

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