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Wendy Tahere made this Official Information request to Kāinga Ora–Homes and Communities

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From: Wendy Tahere

Dear Kāinga Ora–Homes and Communities,
I am Wendy Tahere currently living in 4/130 Panama Rd, Mt wellington, Auckland. I moved into the premises on 17/05/19. Unfortunately the property was not upto standard at the time.

Problems arisen on moving into premises are:
* Urine smell on back door step it gets stronger when it's raining.
* Dead cat found under balcony and rubbish belonging to last tenant left
* Stove not in working order.

My complaint is that I have been waiting for nearly a month just for a response on this compensation. All call in regards of the stove not has been recorded and not once I was offered a temporary replacement.
I find it unfair I have to wait longer for a response, hence HNZ has not been maintaining this property appropriately.
I have a medical problem of Heart, kidney and liver failure. Unfortunately I hnz did not take that into consideration. I have been admitted into Auckland hospital about 12+ times due to poor health condition.
Currently I have had the rubbish removed, stove replace after 8 and half weeks. Still have bad smell of urine coming from the backdoor.
All I'm asking is for this to be sorted and compensation paid then I will be happy.
Roughly spent $160 per week which includes takeout and taxi to and from for 8 and a half weeks.

Not a happy tenant

Yours faithfully,
Wendy Tahere

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