Defence Capability Plan - Indicative Capital Costs

G. A. Tvrdeich made this Official Information request to Ministry of Defence

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From: G. A. Tvrdeich

Dear Ministry of Defence,

The Defence Capability Plan contains indicative capital costs for the planned investment decisions it outlines.
Is the term 'capital cost' referencing only the one-time cost to acquire the asset or does it include through-life costs?
Inquiring as the 'more than $1bn' indicative capital cost for Enhanced Sealift Capability seems excessive for the purchase of a single LPD-like vessel.

Yours faithfully,
G. A. Tvrdeich

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From: MacGregor Adrian, Mr
Ministry of Defence

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Good evening G A Tvrdeich

Please find attached the response to your information request.

Yours sincerely

Adrian MacGregor
Principal Advisor, Ministry of Defence

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