Information about actions taken since climate emergency declared

Hugh Davenport made this Official Information request to Auckland Council

The request was successful.

From: Hugh Davenport

Dear Auckland Council,

Since you declared a climate emergency last month, I would like to know what tangible steps you have taken to improve the climate change problem. I would also like to know what steps you have planned for the immediate future, with timelines and action points required.

For all of these actions made or planned, I would like to see data showing how it improved (or will improve).

If no actions have been made or planned to date, I would like to request the reason why the council declared an emergency then did nothing to follow through with that declaration.

Yours faithfully,

Hugh Davenport

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From: Alec Tang
Auckland Council

Kia ora Hugh,


Thanks for your information request - it's been passed onto me by our
Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act (LGOIMA) team for
response as part of our business-as-usual activity.


Since declaration of the Climate Emergency, a number of key strands of
activity have been underway:


 1. Our main priority has been public consultation on Te Târuke-â-Tâwhiri:
Auckland’s Climate Action Framework.  Further information on the
framework is available here:
Within the annexes to the main consultation document is a table of
current and proposed actions to both reduce our emissions in line with
our 1.5°c commitment and also to prepare the region for the impacts of
climate change.  Timeframes, indicative budgets and co-benefits are
presented in this table.  The table also indicates where these actions
are already underway.  The main document also highlights the emissions
modelling work that has informed the development of these actions and
a potential reduction trajectory.  Work on the detailed indicators
that will help measure progress and effectiveness of these actions is


 2. In parallel to the consultation work, and as a result of direction
from the same Environmental and Community Committee meeting as the
Climate Emergency declaration, we are currently developing indicative
budgets/costs for the delivery of the actions contained within Te
Târuke-â-Tâwhiri – both Council commitments and requirements from
other stakeholders and interested parties.  These budgets/costs will
be used to inform upcoming discussions on the Council’s Annual Plan
and Long Term Plan, as well as ongoing discussions with implementation


 3. As a direct result of the climate emergency declaration, officers were
requested to include climate change impact assessments on all
committee reports, whilst staff of council-controlled organisations
were requested to include climate change impact statements in their
committee reports (see
for the meeting minutes).  The development of the impact assessment
approach and subsequent training needs is currently underway,
leveraging similar assessments from other regional and national


 4. Finally, work is currently underway to accelerate the reduction of
council’s own greenhouse gas footprint, in line with our commitments
as an NZ Climate Leaders Coalition signatory
([3]  Subsequent to the
Climate Emergency declaration, members of the Environment and
Community committee were briefed on the proposed organisational
emissions reduction activities.  Minutes of this meeting are available


I trust this email addresses the questions you posed, however if you do
require any further clarification, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Ngâ mihi mui


Alec Tang CEnv MIEMA | Chief Sustainability Officer (Acting)

Chief Sustainability Office | Te Tari Tikanga Tokonga Roa Matua

Auckland Council | Te Kaunihera ô Tâmaki Makaurau



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From: Hugh Davenport

Dear Alec Tang,

Thank you for the extremely quick response. If only the other agencies could do the same :).

I had a quick read through the documents provided, and looks like you are caring and planning towards your declaration of climate emergency. Keep up the good work :)


Yours sincerely,

Hugh Davenport

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