SIDS and vaccine injury pertaining to CARM fatality reports 2016, 2017, 2018

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From: Tracy Jane

Dear Ministry of Health,

Dear OIA Services

I notice that there were three SIDS deaths attributed to vaccination in 2018, and 2016 and one SIDS death in 2017 following three vaccines given at the same time in the CARM Fatality reports.

In light of this, I was wondering if you could give me more information regarding this. Bearing in mind the information (out of date btw) from the MOH website on SIDS/SUDI below.

"Sudden unexpected death in infancy (SUDI)

There were 41 sudden unexpected death in infancy (SUDI) deaths in 2015, including 25 sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) deaths. The SUDI deaths included 22 males and 19 females.
The SUDI rate in 2015 (0.7 per 1000 live births) was half the rate in 2000 (1.4 per 1000 live births).


Approximately 77% of fetal deaths and 60% of infant deaths registered in 2015 were preterm (<37 weeks’ gestation), the majority of which were very preterm (<28 weeks’ gestation).


Approximately 60% of fetal deaths registered in 2015 had a birthweight of less than 1000g, most of which had a birthweight of less than 500g. Approximately 40% of infant deaths had a birthweight of less than 1000g, and these were spread between the <500g and 500–999g birthweight groups."

Bearing in mind that CARM has had seven recorded SIDS deaths in three years following three vaccines given at the same time I have these following questions for you.

1) a)What are the vaccination status of all of the SIDS/SUDI cases in the past five years?

b) How many of these babies had also been given antibiotics? (at any age, not just when they died)

c) How many of these babies had also been given paracetamol (at any age, not just when they died)

2) In light of this causative link between SIDS and vaccination, has the Ministry of Health considered changing their policy in regards to age of vaccination, weight at time of vaccination, and number of vaccinations given at once?

3) has the C&Y Epidemiology Services looked into these vaccine deaths and considered whether the other SIDS deaths may be attributed to vaccination as well?

4) Has the MOH told vaccine nurses and other vaccinators to warn parents that death may be a side effect of vaccination? And if not, why not?

5) Have hospitals been warned to check for vaccination status of young children, in case of vaccine injury being misdiagnosed? If not, why not? If so, how many babies are presenting annually with vaccine injury to hospitals.

6) Please send me CARM data that shows ALL vaccine reactions that have been brought to CARM for the past five years.

7) As there is some international research that casts doubt on the sterility of Infanrix-Hexa showing it to be highly contaminated with heavy metals, animal viruses and human DNA, what independent testing, if any, has the MOH carried out to ensure the safety and cleanliness of this vaccine?

8) Bearing in mind that the Health Act 1956 states "the Ministry shall have the function of improving, promoting, and protecting public health." what is the MOH doing to protect infants from vaccine induced SIDS? Bearing in mind that two of the three vaccines contain aluminium, both as phosphate and hydroxide and that injected aluminium goes preferencially to the brain, what studies has the MOH done to ensure the injected aluminium is not causing brain stem injury and hence apnea?

9) What studies has the MOH done to compare the death rate from SIDS/SUDI in vaccinated and in non-vaccinated babies? Bearing in mind, two of the three vaccines contain aluminium, and both cause apnea, what studies does the MOH have to show the two vaccines in combination are safe?

10) Bearing in mind that the vaccine insert for these vaccines states

"5.3 Apnea in Premature Infants Apnea following intramuscular vaccination has been observed in some infants born prematurely. Decisions about when to administer an intramuscular vaccine, including Prevnar13, to infants born prematurely should be based on consideration of the individual infant’s medical status and the potential benefits and possible risks of vaccination."

The research seems to point to pre-term babies being much more susceptible to apnea following vaccination(which seems to be what SIDS seems to be - the baby stops breathing) What has MOH put in place to assess these infants at risk of apnea from vaccination?

Please include correspondence and any relevant references in relation to SIDS and vaccination status that shows that Ministry of Health and the Child and Youth Epidemiology Service are aware that there may be causation between vaccination and SIDS/SUDI.

Thank you for your regard in this matter and I look forward to receiving answers from the Ministry of Health.

warm regards, Tracy Livingston

For reference I include the FDA vaccine insert for Prevenar 13 and Medsafe vaccine insert for Infanrix Hexa to show that apnea is a ‘side effect’ of both vaccines.

Yours faithfully,
Tracy Livingston

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Kia ora Tracy

Please find attached a letter regarding your request for official

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Ron Law left an annotation ()

Hi Tracy

Medsafe have provided a knowingly false answer to question 6.

The SMARS database has had many hundreds of reports stripped out by Medsafe and CARM including all but 1 {flu vaccine death} death. If, for example, you search for all Gardasil adverse events SMARS says there have been no deaths reported. There have in fact been at least four.

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