Who and how are requests to OIA handled

Leah Trass made this Official Information request to Privacy Commissioner

The request was partially successful.

From: Leah Trass

Dear Privacy Commissioner,

I am interested in understanding the system used to receive/finalise and send out a file request of the MSD.

How many staff are involved in the answering of requests for files from the MSD. Are they MSD staff? Do all the requests go to the Social Worker involved for them to remove names of notifiers?

What mediums are available for the requestor, the application says, paper, CD & DVD, however we only get responses on paper.

Yours faithfully,

Leigh Bailllie

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Luke C left an annotation ()

The correct plural form is 'media'. Mediums is the plural form for psychics.

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Leah Trass left an annotation ()

hahahah yes yr right! Tis good we have people like you to stop people like me making fools of ourselves before we send off an email :D

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From: Enquiries
Privacy Commissioner

Dear Leigh Baillle,

Your request should be made under the Official information Act. Therefor you should make that request directlty MSD. If you want more information about the Official Inofrmation Act you would need to contact the Ofice of the Ombudsma and not the Privacy Commissioner.
Fred Henderson
Senqior Enquiry Office

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