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Request for confirmation from the Corporation as to whether ACC remove an ex-employees email address and replace it with an automatic response which redirects correspondence.

David Lawson made this Official Information request to Accident Compensation Corporation

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From: David Lawson

Dear Accident Compensation Corporation,

I respectfully request under the Official Information Act 1982 to be provided with the following official information.

Official Information Request 1:

I would like to establish and be provided by the Corporation with original copies of the Corporation's policy and practice in relation to what action's the Accident Compensation Corporation undertake in relation to an ex-employee's email address, and correspondence emailed to an ex ACC employees email address following the employees last day of employment with the Corporation.

(a) Please confirm as to whether, upon an employee ceasing employment with ACC, whether ACC places an internal redirect on the employees email address, and provides an automatic email response advising ACC client's that the staff member no longer works for ACC, so that any ACC client's whom were not aware of the ACC employee leaving and whom have sent correspondence after the employee having left ACC would be automatically updated and provided with a new point of contact within the Corporation.

(b) If ACC does not have a system as discussed in Official Information Request 1 (a) above,

(i) why is this the case, and

(ii) what would happen to the client's correspondence to the ACC staff member who has left ACC's employ if their is no automatic response to the client's email to the ex ACC staff member. Where is the email and any attachments stored within ACC?

(c) If ACC does have a redirect system as discussed in Official Information Request 1 (a) above, how long does the redirect stay on ACC's System?

(d) At what point after an ACC staff member has left will a client's email if addressed to and forwarded to the ex ACC employees email address, will the client get back a notification from ACC/or their email postmaster that the email was not received because the email address was no longer valid

Official Information Request 2:

Please provide me with a copy of the generic automatic response/s ACC would send to an ACC client when the client has emailed correspondence to say their previous case manager, whom may have left in the interim without the ACC client not having known that that the ACC employee is no longer employed by ACC.

As an example......I have emailed today my previous case manager whom I had earlier been advised was no longer employed with ACC, and I have received no email delivery failure notice back from my emai service, nor a response from ACC to the following email;

This is a tester to see if Ms Jane Harding's email address has been deleted from ACC's employee list, or whether Ms Harding retains, or has been re-employed by ACC.

"David Lawson
Mon 10/06/2019 3:19 PM
To: [email address]
Dear Ms Jane Harding,

I am writing this email to establish whether you have recommenced employment with the Accident Compensation Corporation, and should you have had I would appreciate your confirmation as such, as there are a number of written statements that I would like for you to prepare for me in relation to your case management of my all of my claims for which you were entrusted under the ACC Act 2001 to manage for me.

I thank you for your time and assistance.

Yours sincerely
David Lawson"

Requests for additional written statements from ACC:

Written statement 1:

Over an hour has passed since I sent the above email and I have not received an automatic response that Ms Jane Harding no longer works for the Accident Compensation Corporation, and I would appreciate you confirmation if Ms Harding has been reemployed by the Accident Compensation Corporation, or possibly has retained her employment, contrary to what I may previously have been advised.

If Ms Jane Harding is no longer employed with ACC then why have I not received an email notification from ACC to this effect, or alternatively, why has my email postal master not returned my above email to me noting that the email address that I used was no longer current and or incorrect and so not delivered to ACC.

Written Statement requested from ACC 2:

What has happened to my email sent this afternoon to Ms Jane Harding on Mon 10/06/2019 3:19 PM to the following email address. To: [email address]

Under s16(2) of the Official Information Act, my preferred way of receiving a response is by email to the address from which ACC received the original request, not by post.

It would be appreciated if you could provide this information back to me under urgency within the next 10 working days, so that I can follow up and establish whether a previous case manager has returned to employment with ACC, so that I can seek written statements about the manner that they managed my claims.

I thank you for your time and assistance and look forward to receiving the official information requested to day at your earliest convenience and I would appreciate that the official information is marked on each page as to where the policy documentation is held and sourced from within ACC.

Yours faithfully,

David Lawson

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From: Government Services
Accident Compensation Corporation

Thank you for contacting ACC; this is an automatic reply to confirm we
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Depending on the nature of your request you may not receive an official
response for up to 20 working days. Be assured however, that we will
respond to your query as quickly as possible.

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Kind regards,

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Government Engagement & Support, ACC


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We don't know whether the most recent response to this request contains information or not – if you are David Lawson please sign in and let everyone know.

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