JJ Nolan's Flooded 1080 Storage Shed, Haast

David Haynes made this Official Information request to Environmental Protection Authority

Currently waiting for a response from Environmental Protection Authority, they must respond promptly and normally no later than (details and exceptions).

From: David Haynes

Dear Environmental Protection Authority,

We note that Carl Johnson, Senior Advisor, HS Compliance, of the Environmental Protection Agency, responded to Ms Carole Sawyer regarding her enquiry into the impacts of the 25-26 March 2019 flood to the above property where 1080 pellets were stored.

Your response included the statement "The bait that was affected by water was disposed of."

Please provide the following details in respect of the above statement:

1. how much bait was disposed of?
2. exactly where was it disposed?
3. how was it disposed (e.g. buried, burned, etc)?
4. if buried, how deep?
5. what actions were undertaken to reduce any leaching or dispersal of the disposed baits?
6. what future monitoring is planned to measure leaching or dispersal?

Yours faithfully,

David Haynes
NZ Outdoors Party

Yours faithfully,

David Haynes

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From: Ministerials
Environmental Protection Authority

Dear David,

Thanks for your request, we will respond in due course.

Kind regards,

Saioa Polin
Official Correspondence Advisor
+64 4 474 5504   |   [email address]   |   www.epa.govt.nz

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