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NZ Defence Reserve Forces Attrition
Request to Ron Mark by Simon Ewing-Jarvie. Annotated by Simon Ewing-Jarvie on .
I have used the information supplied from the NZDF to publish a new article on the grim state of Defence Force reserve numbers.
Good morning Mr Ewing-Jarvie   Please find attached a response to your request of 4 October 2019:   Regards   Corporate and Ministerial Services...
To the Minister of Defence, RNZAF 40 Squadron Movements
Response by Ron Mark to K Jarrett on .
  The information contained in this Internet Email message is intended for the addressee only and may contain privileged information, but not necess...
          Tena koe Paul   Please see attached letter from Hon Ron Mark office.     Nga mihi   [1]Crest |Office of Hon Ron Mark...
I have asked the Defence Minister's office to post the reply here for all to see but no response to date. To further assist people who are interested i...
Air Surveillance Complementary Capability
Response by Ron Mark to Simon Ewing-Jarvie on .
Partially successful.
Dear Mr Ewing-Jarvie   Please find attached the other Government agency presentations from the Air Surveillance Complementary Capability workshop...
Defence Employer Support Council Restructure Documents
Request to Ron Mark by Simon Ewing-Jarvie. Annotated by Simon Ewing-Jarvie on .
I have now consolidated all the information from the various OIA requests around the Defence Employer Support Council. There is a new post on my blog w...
Tena koe Mr Ewing-Jarvie   Letter attached from Office of Hon Ron Mark.   Nga Mihi   Office of Hon Ron Mark Ministerial Portfolios: Defen...
Otene Wharerau would like to recall the message, "OIA - 2018 -0061 Simon Ewing-Jarvie". ________________________________
The information on pay has now been used for a new article on tax status for service personnel on operations.

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