Live cattle export voyage report

John Hart made this Official Information request to Ministry for Primary Industries

The request was partially successful.

From: John Hart

Dear Ministry for Primary Industries,

Please provide any documents that relate to animal welfare or deaths during the voyage of the livestock carrier Dareen, transporting dairy heifers to Jingtan, China during the early part of February 2013. Please include (but do not limit your release to) the voyage report for that voyage.

Yours faithfully,
John Hart

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From: Ministry for Primary Industries Ministerials Group
Ministry for Primary Industries

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Dear Mr Hart,

Please find a response to your Official Information Act Request.

Yours sincerely Ministry for Primary Industries Ministerials Group

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david left an annotation ()

This OIA is really overdue now.

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Jill Latham left an annotation ()

I would also like the information requested by John Hart re the fate of the cattle.

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Things to do with this request

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