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Jenny Graves made this Official Information request to Ministry of Economic Development

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From: Jenny Graves

Dear Ministry of Economic Development,

Please provide information provided to employees that sets out role, operating framework, what they can and cannot do, expectations when working in a Ministers’ Offices in the position as a Private Secretary (or like position). This may include - among information - a guide, a manual.

Please provide a list of positions located in Ministers’ Offices occupied by a Ministry employee. Please also provide a list documents provided to the employees who currently occupy these positions. Please provide these documents. If any are withhold, please the ground and the reason for not providing it.

Yours faithfully,

Jenny Graves

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From: Hayley Fisher
Ministry of Economic Development

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Good Morning


Attached is the response for your request for information from the
Economic Development Group of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and
Employment (formerly the Ministry of Economic Development).


Many thanks


Hayley Fisher

Executive Assistant to Mandy McDonald, Acting Deputy Secretary, OD&S

Economic Development Group

DDI: +64 4 470 2316 Mobile: +64 212457350

33 Bowen Street, PO Box 1473, Wellington 6034

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