details of the offer made by Terry Hay or his representative seeking the MED to drop charges against him and documents relating to the subsequent dropping of those charges.

Grace Haden made this Official Information request to Ministry of Economic Development

The request was successful.

From: Grace Haden

Dear Ministry of Economic Development,

In 2008 a number of charges were laid by the NEU of the MED against Terry Hay a rich American business man - the charges can be seen here

The matter was well reported in the papers

At the time and Mr Hay's co accused lynne pryor was ,after plea bargaining , convicted of one charge of fraud .This was largely due to Mr HAY being the main offender and she was a party to the offences. Hay was a fugitive from our laws and had skipped the country and lived in Honolulu to avoid being charged.

Several years ago I heard that the lawyers for Mr Hay, had attempted to bribe the MED to drop the charges but the MED had refused , Hay wanted to return to NZ because his family lived here .

The NEU was then disbanded .

Recently I was told that Mr Hay was back in the country I advised the MED and was advised that all the charges had been dropped.

By way of OIA I ask for all information
1. which relates to the decision to drop these charges and show how the decision to drop the charges were determined.

2. all communications from Mr Hay's lawyers to the MED making an offer of settlement several years ago and any further correspondence from Mr Hays lawyers or
persons representing him with regards to the charges.

3. All documents which consider action against Terry Hay under the FCPA ( the foreign corrupt practices act US legislation ) to make him accountable for his actions against NZ company law.

I also ask that this matter is investigated to ensure that there is no bribery involved in the dropping of the charges.

Yours faithfully,

Grace Haden

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From: Robert Rendle

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Dear Ms Haden,


Please see the attached response to your request under the Official
Information Act dated 28 March 2013.


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