Interview Dates of people who arrived in NZ in 2017 in the NZHS 2016/17

Megan Pledger made this Official Information request to Ministry of Health

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From: Megan Pledger

Dear Ministry of Health,

I would like to know the interview dates for people in the New Zealand Health Survey 2016/17 who arrived in New Zealand in 2017.

This can be done with SAS using the code snippet.

libname d2016 " *your file address* ";
data d2016a; set d2016.nzhs_adult_core_curf_2016_17_v1; run;
proc print data=d2016a; var id a5_06 interview_date; where a5_06 = "2017"; run;

You can direct my request to the person in charge of the health surveys who is
Grant Pittams
Manager: Surveys
Health and Disability Intelligence
Client Insights and Analytics

Yours faithfully,

Megan Pledger

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