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Liam made this Official Information request to University of Waikato

The request was successful.

From: Liam

Dear University of Waikato,

This is a request for information, made under the provisions of sections 4 and 5 of the Official Information Act 1982 (“the Act”). I therefore would like the following information;

1. For the academic years of 2016, 2017 and 2018 (the "Period"), please provide the following data sets:
(a) The number of students enrolled in an LLB program. If possible, it would be helpful if this could be split into those in "pre-law" (ie first year) and "law students" (ie those who have made it into Law School);
(b) The number of students who are Māori who are enrolled in an LLB program. If possible, it would be helpful if this could be split into those in "pre-law" (ie first year) and "law students" (ie those who have made it into Law School); and
(c) any other information related to the number/proposition of Law students to Māori Law students at your university for the Period.


As required by s12(1) of the Act, I am a New Zealand citizen. I will provide confirmation of this, if required. However, since all of our correspondence will be published on the site, I will only do so over the phone or email. This would only be for the purpose of citizenship confirmation, and nothing further related to this request.

As required under s15A of the Act, if you believe that a time extension is warranted for this request, you must under sections 15A(2),(3) and (4) give notice to me of this extension within 20 working days after the day on which my request was received. In that notice, you should state; the period of the extension, give reasons for the extension and remind me of my right to complain to the Ombudsman under s28(3). Finally, the extension must be for a reasonable time, having regards to the circumstances.

As required by s18B of the Act, you must consider consulting me before refusing my request under the provisions of sections 18(e) and (f) which relate to a document not being able to be found or existing or where substantial collation and research would be required for my current request.

As required by s19(a)(i), you must provide reasons if you refuse any parts of this request.

This request is made through the site All correspondence will be automatically forwarded to me through the site and published online immediately. I require, where appropriate, all electronic copies of all documents in your response. For more information on how the site works, please visit

Yours faithfully,

Liam Stoneley

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From: Jess Miller
University of Waikato

Dear Liam,
Thank you for your request. I am acknowledging receipt and the University
will be back in touch with you in due course.
Kind regards,

[1] Jess Miller |   Senior
Communications Adviser
Office of the Vice-Chancellor  | 
The University of Waikato 
Private Bag 3105  |  Hamilton
3240  |  New Zealand
[2] | ddi  + 64 7 837
9505 |  M: 022 0174
892 |  [3][email address]

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From: Duanna Fowler
University of Waikato

Attachment L Stoneley OIA response 03042019.pdf
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Dear Liam
Attached please find the University of Waikato’s response to your Official
Information Act request.
Kind regards
Duanna Fowler
Director, Office of the Vice-Chancellor
The University of Waikato

Phone:  +64 7 838 4665
Mobile:  +64 21 154 0814

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