Four AR15 rifles seized in West Auckland Raid

Malcolm Lock made this Official Information request to New Zealand Police

The request was successful.

From: Malcolm Lock

Dear New Zealand Police,

In my previous OIA request,
I asked in question 4. If serial numbers are legible, when were each of these firearm legally imported in to New Zealand? and in question 5. Were any of these firearms ever reported stolen?

Your response can be found here.

As you can see by your response at least one of the firearms seized serial number was visible and legible. The firearm in question is a Colt M4 carbine .22lr cal MSSA rifle with a free standing pistol grip and magpul collapsible stock.

In relation to this particular firearm,
1) Was this firearm ever reported stolen?
2) When was this firearm first recorded as an MSSA firearm?
3) When was this firearm recorded as being imported in to New Zealand?
4) Was any attempt made to return the firearm to its legal owner?
5) Has the firearm been destroyed? if not what is its current status? eg; in police custody.

Yours faithfully,

Malcolm Lock

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From: SMALL, Roger
New Zealand Police

Attachment OIA response to LOCK 11 12 18.pdf
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Dear Mr Lock


Please find attached our response to your recent POIA as tabled below.


Regards Roger


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