Breakdown of rates billing categories

Hayley Robinson made this Official Information request to Wellington City Council

The request was successful.

From: Hayley Robinson

Dear Wellington City Council,

As per the Official Information Act, I am requesting a breakdown of rates billing categories for the 2011/2012 financial year within Wellington City as follows:

A) by number of ratepayers/properties in each category; e.g. '102 in category K4, 73 in category D4...'

b) by dollar amount of rates collected in each category.

Yours faithfully,

Hayley Robinson
Wellington resident

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From: Chris Brown
Wellington City Council

Attachment IRO 3474 FYI Robinson 01.pdf
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Hello Ms Robinson,

Thank you for the below information request, regarding the breakdown of rates billing categories.

Please find the Council response and supporting information attached.

Kind regards

Chris Brown
Issues Resolution Office > Wellington City Council>
101 Wakefield Street > PO Box 2199 > Wellington
(04) 801 3479

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From: Hayley Robinson

Dear Chris Brown,

Thank you very much for your response to my request for a breakdown of rates billing categories, you have provided exactly the information I needed to continue my research in this area.

Yours sincerely,

Hayley Robinson

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