No reason given for decline of a visitor application and it is virtually impossible to contact with a responsible person to enquire.

Mehdi yassaie made this Official Information request to Immigration Advisers Authority

This request has been reported as needing administrator attention (perhaps because it is vexatious, or a request for personal information)

From: Mehdi yassaie

Dear Immigration Advisers Authority,

I am writing to you to express extreme frustration with obtaining a visitors visa for a relative who has applied two times to travel with other members to visit us.

The frustration arose from the following,

1- During my thirthy years in NZ I have sponsored many family members and they have complied with all rules including returning before expiry date of their visa.

2-The applicant who is reputable internet provider , with thousands of clients and properties in Home country, is traveling with his wife (my cousin) who is traveling on her US passport with my sister and brotherinlaw.

3- As my bank verified I am quite able and willing to fully support this application and the applicants.

4- With no reason given the application has been declined ( the just said we are not satisfied).

5-I called immigration and after a long wait ( 250 people on line) I managed to speak to one of the staff who found the file and said she will sort it and I need to wait few minutes after about a min the phone was disconnected! I phoned again wasn’t back to a cue of 241 people and then jumped to 277! After few min. Is this a third world country?

6-There seems to be no Minister or Associate Minister to contact and our only option seem to be you and failing that media is the last resort.

Yours faithfully,

Mehdi Yassaie; reference for the application is

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