Long Delay in Processing of Parents Category Visitors Visa

Satyadas Chakrabarti made this Official Information request to Immigration Advisers Authority

The request was refused by Immigration Advisers Authority.

From: Satyadas Chakrabarti

Dear Immigration Advisers Authority,

I have submitted my application along with the required documents to TT Services,Kolkata, India on December 2, 2016 and as per communication the same has been received by Immigration authorities at New Delhi for processing on December 5, 2016
We are yet to receive our visas from their end till date. It did not happen to me on previous occasions while I applied. for visitors visas and received the visas within ten days from the date of application. I understand as we had to go for medicals it may take little longer time. But it is taking more than 24 days which has been spelled in the website as maximum time taken for issuing Parent Category Visas.
My particulars are furnished hereunder:
Invoice cum Receipt Number: 2016120200341001
Passport Number : L4064942 Name : SATYADAS CHAKRABARTI
Passport Number : G7751102 Name : JAYASREE CHAKRABARTI
We (both senior citizens)intend to stay at Auckland for only 3 months from 13th February, 2017 with our only son and his family who are citizens of NZ.
Would you kindly intervene to expedite issuing of visas?
Yours faithfully,
Satyadas Chakrabarti,

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From: Info IAA
Immigration Advisers Authority

Thank you for your email. We will try to respond within 24 hours.

At the Immigration Advisers Authority we can help you:

·         search for a licensed immigration adviser using our [1]online

·         apply for, renew or upgrade your immigration adviser licence

·         report someone giving immigration advice without a licence.


We cannot help you:


·         with your visa immigration matter

·         choose and adviser or recommend one licensed immigration adviser
above another.


Please note we do not respond to personal immigration queries. These
should be directed to Immigration New Zealand, an immigration adviser or
an exempt person. Exempt people include New Zealand lawyers.


To discuss your immigration status or check the progress of your visa
application, you can:


[2]Contact Immigration New Zealand

[3]Search INZ’s  Knowledge base for answers to your questions.


Kind regards,


Immigration Advisers Authority

Contact Details:

Freephone (New Zealand only) 0508 422 422

Phone (outside New Zealand) +64 9 925 3838

Email [4][Immigration Advisers Authority request email]



[5]www.govt.nz - your guide to finding and using New Zealand government

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